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Recent research shows that couples who share the house work and show their appreciation to each other do better. We want to change the way you and your significant other interact when it comes to completing projects around the house. Traditional paper honey-do lists get lost with all the other paper on the fridge or message board. Well meaning spouses easily loose track of each others priorities and what still needs fixing.

Sign in using your FaceBook© credentials to create your free Honey-Do lists in ListHoney. Select your honey from your friends and get started right away. Describe your problem, tell your honey what needs to be done, and let them know when you need it.

Create tasks in lists for every day tasks and major projects. Assign tasks that are shared between you and your honey, or for either one of you.

Even create a grocery list that is shared with your Honey!

Manage complex tasks with a simple project interface. Create sub tasks, keep notes and create a supply list.

You and your Honey can add items to your wishlists. You can assign points to wish list items and tasks. When your Honey completes enough tasks show them how much you appreciate it by getting them their reward.

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